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Navigating ever changing local and state regulations surrounding your license can be confusing and time consuming.  Why not trust your renewals to someone with over a decade of licensing experience including licensing for one of the largest pioneers in the cannabis industry?



Need professional experience or company presence without hiring an employee?  We provide contract services for project management, document organization, market research, miscellaneous administrative tasks and more. 

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A natural born leader, relationship builder, trusted confidant.  I spend my free time with family and friends and have an insatiable love for travel and learning.  Known as the “Happy Hour Queen”, I created one of the largest and most successful monthly cannabis industry networking events in Denver.  Would love to have you join us:


Years of experience and expertise in Colorado’s very regulated cannabis industry to include submitting the first State approved Publicly Traded Company's Change of Ownership applications as well as the first Denver approved Research and Development license application. 

My ability to create organization out of chaos, streamlining your processes and providing the support you need for your business to succeed includes:

  • License renewals / government reporting

  • Project Management

  • Market research

  • Experienced public speaker

  • Contracted administrative support

  • Corporate governance / documentation retention


Integrity is not just what you will see in me, it’s what defines who I am even when no one else is around.  Integrity combined with absolute confidentiality has afforded many opportunities for me to serve in positions on various boards such as Chairperson of a Credit Union, District Advisory Board and President of a Homeowner’s Association to name a few.  The school of hard knocks combined with a Master's Degree in Leadership and a Bachelor's degree in Management and Human Relations has created a well rounded approach to life and business.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Karen for the past five years and in that time she has been instrumental in managing several large projects on behalf of our company.  She is incredibly organized, results-driven, and works tirelessly to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective outcome.  She managed all of my licensing needs and deftly maneuvered the sometimes complicated path to success.  I attribute a lot of her success to her ability to make sense of nuanced regulations and forge relationships with investigators and other decision-influencing staff at both the state and local levels.

Sally, CEO
Medicine Man

Karen forms relationships with ease, and intuitively forms connections that result in synergies, business opportunities and increased revenue.  For our companies, it was with state and local marijuana licensing, regulatory, and legislative personnel.  In addition, through her cost-conscious efforts, tenacity, and attention to detail, Karen saved the company tremendous amounts of money over the years.  Most of all Karen is a wonderful person with high integrity and a relentless work ethic.  She is professional, extremely competent, and maintains complete discretion.  I highly recommend Karen and Canna Support Services to anyone interested or already involved in the cannabis industry.

Andy, Founder
Medicine Man, MedPharm, 
Medicine Man Technologies

I can say with confidence that Karen is a great person to work with and she's extremely detailed.  You won't be disappointed by the level of professionalism, care, and quality of work that she provides.

Albert, CEO

Whether it was navigating through a complex regulatory and permitting framework structure, managing a business development project or overseeing the multitude of details with respect to a multi-million-dollar governmental grant project, Karen "gets the job done" and is very professional in her work approach and habits.

Matthew, CEO
Altela Inc.

I have worked with Karen in a professional capacity since 2016.  Her insight from managing operations at one of Colorado's earliest and largest manufacturers, retailers, and consultants gives her incredible experience and knowledge of the very complicated regulatory framework of marijuana licensing.  I am proud of Karen for starting her own company to offer her priceless expertise to others--especially those new to the industry.  Karen is relationship based and will not disappoint you.

Lisa L. Pittman, Co-Chair
Cannabis Business Law Group at
Coats Rose, PC


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